Kernel Corn

Kernel Corn is the head over everything Corn Fed. He has made this not just some website but a site that is bringing back what worked years ago! True radio personalities that can relate to you and your everyday life. We will bring you the events to you.
Life is changing everyday and so is the music industry and he is bringing the fans and country artists closer together than ever before! Not only giving you the opportunities to listen and watch exclusive interviews but also to win tickets and the possibility to meet your favorite artists!
Kernel Corn is has been long time local radio personality that knows and loves country music, so get ready for a ride because we want you to come along, listen, watch, and build this from the ground up!! He is planting the seeds and ready to watch it grow!

Jayne Deere

Jayne Deere is that sassy blonde who isn't afraid to admit she is Corn Fed...those skinny city gals can't hold a candle to her hay bale tossing style! She is the girl that is running down the dirt roads putting on all sorts of miles on her truck or jeep depending on which one fits her style for the day just to find you the music and interviews you are looking for...and make no doubt she will be there with her boots on,  bunches of bling and a baseball cap to top it all off.  and its not often that you don't find her with either a fluffy coffee or Coors light in her hand!
She will be bringing ya the music that rocks her out or has a background....there is nothing short of a good time that usually accompanies the songs she finds, she doesn't always pick from the Top 40 so ya better be watching close when she finds some of that red dirt and Texas country to throw into the mix cause this ain't what ya hear on the mainstream. Follow along down road to concerts, events and rodeos for the fun times and randomness that Jayne Deere always seems to find! 
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