Is Axe Throwing Safe

Yes, Axe throwing is a fun and safe sport when safe techniques are used. Our coaches will guide you through safe practices. While we offer alcoholic beverage, responsible drinking is required and closely monitored at our facility.

What is the age limit

Due to the nature of the sport, we require that all throwers and spectators follow rules and guidelines.   We can now allow ages 14-17 to watch and participate with the supervision of a parent or guardian.  If you are 18 or older you may throw without a parent or guardian.

Do you have league or other events?

Yes! We are working on getting them started and announcing other special events throughout the year.   

Can someone book a party for ou company?

Yes, We offer corporate team building and can book large parties throughout the year, including bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday parties, birthdays, and more!